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dear friends and clients,

everything is in perfect chaos.

i’m rolling with it baby!

the dwelling station is not shutting down for good.

yes, the curtains are drawn from the inside. we are no longer the stewards of the property. we have closed the storefront. the beloved old gas station building in the heart of mosier provided us a fabulously funky grassroots start. together, we have all endured and prospered through 7 years, staying open year-round in camp-style conditions!

I feel immense gratitude for all of you. despite years of freezing cold temperatures, catching your coats on fire from the portable propane tanks, using lanterns and flashlights to see your way around, and testing lamps with a jump and carry battery, you kept coming!

you were not amused when we stated we only take cash or check. we agreed with you when you said, “everybody is using the square.” and, we asserted that it doesn’t align with our values. bank fees are not good for any of “us”.

you looked at us more puzzled when we insisted you take the treasures you selected and pop a check in the mail or slip an envelope under the door next time you swung our way. you argued with us. then you sent the check or tucked the envelope under the door. every time. and usually included a beautiful card or tiny note.

building trust builds lasting bonds.

you saw me shuffling furniture in the wee hours of the night. one gentleman in the neighborhood said it often looked like “night at the museum” through the big windows when he drove by.

you know I forget to eat when I get into that ‘staging zone’. you dropped off berries from your garden. a hot bowl of soup. chocolate. a steaming latte.

you pulled up out of the blue and shouted, “did you know it’s raining?” as you feverishly hauled in the furniture spilled out into the parking area.

you would overhear a customer asking if we delivered and offer to throw their purchase in your truck and drive it home for them.

you stopped by for no other reason than to soak up a 20 second hug. best free two-way therapy on earth.

you joined us in dancing around the shop or out on the pavement. You let me entice your children to join in and dance your babies in my arms while you shopped.

you let me help you.

do you know what joy that brings me?

i thrive on true collaboration.

i would often announce on facebook and in the shop that if I’m not juggling clients, bring in photos of your space, tell me what you wish to accomplish, let’s talk it through together.

you also hired me to come into your home and assist hands on. this often led to getting to know each other well and enjoying the fruits of our labor over a glass of wine.

you told your friends and family. you brought them.

you let me know if I messed something up (usually consignment paperwork, yuck). you kindly gave me a chance to make it right and add a little goodwill to the mix.

speaking of which – many of you have consignment $ in waiting. maybe a few things to pick up. i am processing those now. feel free to reach out to me for status. text is preferred!

facebook is where I will be writing updates. you can also check in with me directly.

we will continue to have our great selection of tropical salvage and quality home goods for sell and for staging.

we will likely have a few “pop ups” until we land on more solid ground.

we aren’t crossing the river.

we aren’t city bound.

we will keep it real. funky. fit for friends.


 Pictures of latest arrivals are posted under “find cool stuff”!

Please text, email or call ahead if you have items you wish to consign. 

We always appreciate photos of your items.

Christina@TheDwellingStation.com     5 0 3 . 8 8 0 . 1 2 3 3

My passion is keeping it local, recycling, and finding the right home for furnishings you no longer need or use, while helping others create beautiful space at an affordable price. Yes, shopping for home goods in the Gorge just got interesting. ~ Christina LaFever