Newsletter, August 18, 2012

Hello Friends and Gorge Neighbors,

While you played on the river and rode bikes (yes, I could see you from the windows) I scrubbed the floors of the gas station, refinished furniture, put new handles on dressers, hung giant rugs on the walls and took in some swanky ‘new’ furniture on consignment from Localites. I wasn’t officially ‘open’, but the doors were, so in you walked. I LOVE that.

The Dwelling Station IS OPEN ON SUNDAY, August 19th, 9am – 7pm.
It is FULL of gently loved, gently priced home furnishings to brighten your surroundings without dampening your finances.
Come on by. And bring whatever lingers in your space that doesn’t lift your spirits or get used. Someone else might love it.
Last month I sent out close to $3000 in consignment checks. Way to go on re-circulating your goods and keeping money circulating in our communities!

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