Newsletter, September 14, 2012

Hello Friends and Gorge Neighbors,

I often wonder, where DO YOU get this stuff?

First there were the curved pair of pigskin leather chairs from Baja. They were brought in by a yoga teacher and purchased by a bee keeper. He was so happy he left two quarts of honey.

Then, the four wood hand crafted dining room chairs with Thunderbird backs. They were brought in by a lovely lady from Denver who flew to the gorge to hose down the roof of her White Salmon house during the recent fires. And today two Portland women who just purchased a Mosier getaway home put them in their car and drove off giggling.

Oh, and the gent who picked up the custom farm table built by a local craftsman from salvaged fir and said it was the first real piece of furniture he ever purchased. Congratulations Sir!

Once in awhile, I do get an inkling of my own. I was mesmerized by the Edward Curtis print of “The Rush Gatherer” and had to bring her home. She stares at me every morning, reminding me of my Cherokee roots, strength and resilience.

“The Rush Gatherer” by Edward Curtis, an intimate personal find from the dwelling station.

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