Newsletter, September 21, 2012

Hello Friends and Gorge Neighbors,

Do you ever start moving the furniture around and it gets way worse before it gets better?!

Every week I watch what appears to be a cacophony of consignment furnishings come in the door and wonder, “how in the world will I create an inviting, beautiful and balanced space from this eclectic mix of stuff?

And then, rather serendipitously, someone walks in with …

… the perfect Ralph Lauren cream linen pillows that brighten up the brown distressed leather chair.

… a Pottery Barn rug in shades of taupe, teal and amber upon which the pair of contemporary wingback chairs covered in knobby taupe fabric can rest.

… a sweet wicker bench with a paisley upholstered seat that fits nicely with the off white shabby chic vintage bed.

… a side table with a tree limb base and copper top to sit next to the comfy log cabin chair.

… the lovely wool and silk throw that drapes beautifully over the antique rosewood entry bench.

I Invite you to play around. In your own house. See what works. And what doesn’t. You might discover a fresh new look with what you have.

And you might realize you really no longer care for that farm cabinet with the painted cows on it. I encourage you to bring it in. I have yet to find a place to put the 3 foot long wood pig with the curled metal tail.

look who got adopted! miss piggy, the dwelling station mascot, went home with these two lovely ladies. i think she’s in good hands.

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