love your space, let your space love you

Hello Friends and Gorge Neighbors,

You deserve to love your space.

There is no need to settle.

Live with WHO you love and WHAT you love.

Okay, maybe you wouldn’t dream of trading in your well weathered mate.Many do get better with time after all.

But a little change of scenery around the house can be quite refreshing.And sourcing gently loved home furnishings at The Dwelling Station is often more of an exchange than an expense.

Take Marge. She spots a colorful painted Mexican bookcase at Mosier’s consignment store.  When she brings the truck to pick it up, she unloads her nice old bookcase and some bar stools to sell. The release of the “old” pays for the “new”.  And she has a fresh look.

And Lynda. She consigns a pair of French Salon Chairs.  They sell for $300.  She was surprised. So she purchases a fabulous leather chair she otherwise wouldn’t have spent the money on.

Friends Peter and Jill. They bring in an assortment of small items and receive enough in consignment checks to purchase a pair of very special barn wood Adirondacks they spotted while just dropping by one day.

For up to date pictures of what’s rolled in, click on “find cool stuff” at 

Open Weekends, SATURDAY AND SUNDAY 10 – 4.

Whether you live with your own splendid self, a mate, a friend, a big family, your cat or neighborhood bats, I hope your home wraps it’s arms around you.

Happy Dwelling,


2 thoughts on “love your space, let your space love you

    • Hi Heather,
      The solid pine bunk beds are available and the consignors priced them at $250 which includes almost new mattresses and two sets of flannel sheets. They are in excellent condition. It’s such a good looking set it could be used in a guest room for adults too.
      If you are interested in seeing them I am available 7 days a week to meet you. Official open hours are SAT/Sun 10 – 4!
      Thanks, Christina


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