Heart space

Hello Friends and Gorge Neighbors,

You deserve to have your heart soar every time you walk through your own front door!

I believe everything in our environment … color, texture, lighting, nature, animals, people, scents, art, the materials used in furniture, and spatial flow create an energy that deeply affects our senses and well being.

How do you feel when you witness these two photos?



Does one invoke stress and the other peace?

Oh you’re one of those.

Professing the Picasso syndrome.

The artist. Creative genius.

Thrives on chaos.

Many are brilliant.

Most go mad.

Don’t go mad.

Be happy.

Let your heart sing.

Embrace your space.

Let your space embrace you.

New Winter Hours: Open FRIDAYS, SATURDAYS and SUNDAYS 11 – 5.  Starting now.

The latest arrivals are SPECTACULAR and can be viewed at https://thedwellingstation.com/find-cool-stuff/. Carry over home goods from 2012 are super gently priced. And we have fresh Ten Speed Coffee from Hood River.

Happy Dwelling,


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