Overflowing with random acts of kindness

Hello Friends and Gorge Neighbors,

It’s Friday night, almost dark and the rain is falling. I’m in The Station playing my ritualistic game of musical furniture. I wonder if the photographs will turn out with the dreary night setting in and no lights on.

Then it happens. A Mosier man makes a quick u-turn in his truck and heads back to The Station. “Hey, did you know it’s raining?” he calls out. Then he points out my car windows are rolled down, but perhaps that’s a good thing he says, noticing the fresh bags of kale piled on the front seat.  Next he asks, “where do you want it?” as he begins lifting furniture while telling me stories.

A fellow Farmers’ Market volunteer steps in with her son and asks if I’d like a hot drink.

Friends come to the rescue and bring a 10 x 10 foot canopy down to create a nice “awning” over the entryway.

The gas station owner drops in and does his usual ribbing, “have you eaten; you have to eat. I’m headed to town. Can I fetch you something?”

The Gorge Grown Mobile Market lady hands me a crisp apple in the parking lot.

An ultra cool Mosier woman offers her super cool gutted Airstream to help create space for the ever increasing home furnishings being brought in.

A local dynamo couple help with my website, take my ’emergency’ calls, and will only accept a bottle of wine and chocolate, reluctantly.

The owner of Survival Gardens drops off my fresh veggie order and offers samples of his freshly dehydrated pears.

This is life in the Gorge.

This is the stuff that matters.

Tonight I wondered if I could find the energy to update the website with your new consignments, and post pictures and write you a note.

I didn’t have anything clever to say. I just wanted to be quiet. So I sat. And I remembered all these lovely encounters. And now I feel happy and grateful and my work is done.

Maybe I’ll see you ’round The Dwelling Station this weekend.

Happy dwelling,


Heart space

Hello Friends and Gorge Neighbors,

You deserve to have your heart soar every time you walk through your own front door!

I believe everything in our environment … color, texture, lighting, nature, animals, people, scents, art, the materials used in furniture, and spatial flow create an energy that deeply affects our senses and well being.

How do you feel when you witness these two photos?



Does one invoke stress and the other peace?

Oh you’re one of those.

Professing the Picasso syndrome.

The artist. Creative genius.

Thrives on chaos.

Many are brilliant.

Most go mad.

Don’t go mad.

Be happy.

Let your heart sing.

Embrace your space.

Let your space embrace you.

New Winter Hours: Open FRIDAYS, SATURDAYS and SUNDAYS 11 – 5.  Starting now.

The latest arrivals are SPECTACULAR and can be viewed at https://thedwellingstation.com/find-cool-stuff/. Carry over home goods from 2012 are super gently priced. And we have fresh Ten Speed Coffee from Hood River.

Happy Dwelling,


The January Revival

Hello Friends and Gorge Neighbors,

When’s the last time you visited a HOLE IN THE WALL?

If you dropped in The Dwelling Station anytime in 2012 you indeed have this distinguished honor.

There are no jukeboxes or neon lights. Heck, there aren’t any lights at all. Well, that’s not entirely true. I have a battery operated string of white LED lights on a potted pine tree. And a jump n’ carry battery juices a table lamp. Music streams through a jaw box and iPod. Candles create atmosphere. A vintage camp stove keeps coconut milk chai steaming hot.

Yes. Coconut milk chai. And Ten Speed coffee. Because it’s cold outside, and Ten Speed Mosier is closed, and it’s important to spread the love.


I wasn’t kidding. Certifiable Hole in The Wall.


Made anew with Rebuilt it Center materials, local craftsmen and a Mosier girl. Then filled with your beautiful furniture and art.

New Winter Hours: Open FRIDAYS, SATURDAYS and SUNDAYS, 11 – 5.  Starting now.

Pictures of all the new 2013 arrivals can be viewed at https://thedwellingstation.com/find-cool-stuff/. And carry over home goods from 2012 are super gently priced.

And come join us for coffee. (brewed at Ten Speed HR)

Happy Dwelling,


love your space, let your space love you

Hello Friends and Gorge Neighbors,

You deserve to love your space.

There is no need to settle.

Live with WHO you love and WHAT you love.

Okay, maybe you wouldn’t dream of trading in your well weathered mate.Many do get better with time after all.

But a little change of scenery around the house can be quite refreshing.And sourcing gently loved home furnishings at The Dwelling Station is often more of an exchange than an expense.

Take Marge. She spots a colorful painted Mexican bookcase at Mosier’s consignment store.  When she brings the truck to pick it up, she unloads her nice old bookcase and some bar stools to sell. The release of the “old” pays for the “new”.  And she has a fresh look.

And Lynda. She consigns a pair of French Salon Chairs.  They sell for $300.  She was surprised. So she purchases a fabulous leather chair she otherwise wouldn’t have spent the money on.

Friends Peter and Jill. They bring in an assortment of small items and receive enough in consignment checks to purchase a pair of very special barn wood Adirondacks they spotted while just dropping by one day.

For up to date pictures of what’s rolled in, click on “find cool stuff” at www.TheDwellingStation.com. 

Open Weekends, SATURDAY AND SUNDAY 10 – 4.

Whether you live with your own splendid self, a mate, a friend, a big family, your cat or neighborhood bats, I hope your home wraps it’s arms around you.

Happy Dwelling,


Newsletter, October 12, 2012

Hello Friends and Gorge Neighbors,

Mosier’s once upon a time vibrant gas station became this.


A storage pit.

Neglected for 6 years.





I gasped.

Then …

I cleaned.

Donated stuff.

Sold things.

Organized what was left.

Kept a few treasures.

Got inspired.

And started a home furnishings consignment store.


Love your space.

Let your space love you.


Open weekends. Saturday and Sunday 10am – 4pm.

Happy dwelling,


Newsletter, September 28, 2012

Hello Friends and Gorge Neighbors,

Do what you LOVE and the MAGIC will follow.  ~ Christina LaFever

In May when I launched The Dwelling Station I imagined a once a month weekend ‘Event’ throughout the summer.  I thought it would take 30 days to ‘reload’ the store with fresh consignment furnishings brought in by gorge locals.

Well, what do I know?

It’s now September. Which has 5 weekends. And we’ve been open every one of them. It turns out repurposing Mosier’s Beloved Little Old Gas Station into a hub for sourcing gently loved, gently priced furniture and decorating accessories is good for the hood. You don’t have to drive to Portland. You don’t have to wait for the retail stores to have a sale. You don’t have to search all the on line ads, hit all the garage and estate sales and drive all over the place!

And, you don’t have to live with clutter and things you don’t love. You can consign it, let it find a happy new home, and get paid for it.

That’s what over 75 gorge locals have done. Which is why our selection is so spectacular and unusual. And why customers keep coming back to see what on earth has showed up this week!

I’ll tell you what showed up. Today. A 25 foot trailer. AFTER The Station was already completely filled and staged for Saturdays opening. So I told that crazy fella I would take his beautiful furniture and he could leave his nice big trailer on the property to show it! In true Mosier style, he agreed.

The Dwelling Station is OPEN:

September 29/30, Saturday and Sunday, 9am – 3pm

October 12, 13 and 14th, 10am – 4pm

(PLEASE call me any day of the week to bring in consignment furnishings rather than wait for opening weekend

 … Unless you’re leaving your spiffy big trailer of course)

If you click on this link, you will see some of what Gorge Localites have brought in on consignment, https://post.craigslist.org/manage/3303882823/gccks

Newsletter, September 21, 2012

Hello Friends and Gorge Neighbors,

Do you ever start moving the furniture around and it gets way worse before it gets better?!

Every week I watch what appears to be a cacophony of consignment furnishings come in the door and wonder, “how in the world will I create an inviting, beautiful and balanced space from this eclectic mix of stuff?

And then, rather serendipitously, someone walks in with …

… the perfect Ralph Lauren cream linen pillows that brighten up the brown distressed leather chair.

… a Pottery Barn rug in shades of taupe, teal and amber upon which the pair of contemporary wingback chairs covered in knobby taupe fabric can rest.

… a sweet wicker bench with a paisley upholstered seat that fits nicely with the off white shabby chic vintage bed.

… a side table with a tree limb base and copper top to sit next to the comfy log cabin chair.

… the lovely wool and silk throw that drapes beautifully over the antique rosewood entry bench.

I Invite you to play around. In your own house. See what works. And what doesn’t. You might discover a fresh new look with what you have.

And you might realize you really no longer care for that farm cabinet with the painted cows on it. I encourage you to bring it in. I have yet to find a place to put the 3 foot long wood pig with the curled metal tail.

look who got adopted! miss piggy, the dwelling station mascot, went home with these two lovely ladies. i think she’s in good hands.

Newsletter, September 14, 2012

Hello Friends and Gorge Neighbors,

I often wonder, where DO YOU get this stuff?

First there were the curved pair of pigskin leather chairs from Baja. They were brought in by a yoga teacher and purchased by a bee keeper. He was so happy he left two quarts of honey.

Then, the four wood hand crafted dining room chairs with Thunderbird backs. They were brought in by a lovely lady from Denver who flew to the gorge to hose down the roof of her White Salmon house during the recent fires. And today two Portland women who just purchased a Mosier getaway home put them in their car and drove off giggling.

Oh, and the gent who picked up the custom farm table built by a local craftsman from salvaged fir and said it was the first real piece of furniture he ever purchased. Congratulations Sir!

Once in awhile, I do get an inkling of my own. I was mesmerized by the Edward Curtis print of “The Rush Gatherer” and had to bring her home. She stares at me every morning, reminding me of my Cherokee roots, strength and resilience.

“The Rush Gatherer” by Edward Curtis, an intimate personal find from the dwelling station.

Newsletter, September 8, 2012

Hello Friends and Gorge Neighbors, 

Gorge folks are different. Hallelujah! You blow my mind with your individuality, unusual tastes and eclectic way of living. And thanks to you, The Dwelling Station in Mosier is filled with home furnishings that signify that diversity.

We’re open this weekend, SAT and SUN from 9am-3pm.

There’s an entire section of NW meets SW Lodge style furniture, Navajo rugs, Native American artifacts, funky benches, hand painted cabinets, cowboy art, a fabulous vintage wicker chair in Pendleton wool, old barn wood Adirondack chairs … all from an estate in Mosier!

Then there’s the Pottery Barn Urban Chic section with white sectionals, chunky wood pieces, leather chairs, linen pillows, old benches, Italian urns, wool throws, an 8 x 11 Chobi wool rug, large armoire, Crate and Barrel bar stools, Italian art in thick distressed wood frames, and a rustic sideboard.

For lovers of all things Eastern, there’s an antique Chinese sideboard, end tables, a Tibetan rug, an 8 x 12 Oriental wool rug and great decorative pieces.

Drawn to south of the border? There’s the Old Mexico primitive area of cabinets, benches, Baja handcrafted chairs, blankets, and a big kick ass hand painted distressed bookcase with arched top that is spectacular!

Oh, and a Retro dinette set with a cool round table, lots of chrome and 4 groovy chairs in Bordeaux red and olive green. All American, even though it sounds Italian.

If you don’t find something that tickles your fancy here, you must not be ticklish.

Newsletter, September 2, 2012

Hello Friends and Gorge Neighbors, 

Are you ready for FALL, the season of New Beginnings, a Fresh Outlook, and Fluffing up Your Nest?!?

How would you like to cozy up in a 100% Down Filled Chair beneath an 8 x 11 Pottery Barn Rug next to a Rich Mahogany Round Table with your favorite book? And it will feel especially comfortable as it’s all gently loved, gently priced! Those are a few of the latest arrivals at Mosier’s Home Furnishings Consignment Station. 

The Dwelling Station IS OPEN TODAY, SUNDAY September 2nd, noon – 7pm.

Swing on by on your way back from the day’s adventures or on your way to Mosier’s last Farmer’s Market of the season from 4 – 7pm with live music from some of the Gorge’s finest musicians! Grab something from your house that’s cramping your style, and space, and we’ll find it a home and send you a check. Or you just might not get out the door without fetching something that just walked in the door! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this endeavor so dynamically fun and helping it blossom!

Clutter clearing creates an empty space where something new  – LIFE – can happen, creating free space for a fresh approach”.  ~  Kathryn L Robyn

“Have nothing in your homes that you do not know to be useful and believe to be beautiful”.  ~  William Morris

“The universal law says if you let something go, something else will come in”. ~ Sarah Shure