a soulful approach

the dwelling station is not focused on a ‘buy buy, new new, more more’ attitude, but a clear the clutter, trade it in, let it go to a new home, repurpose it, play around with what you have in a new way, have fun and keep it fresh kind of attitude

new furniture depreciates as soon as you purchase it. and it’s often not made to last. older pieces generally have better quality craftsmanship, are made from real hardwoods, they have history, a certain patina, a soul of their own. most of us love going to garage and estate sales to find a special treasure, something someone else once loved but no longer needs or resonates with.

the dwelling station is a hub for the gorge community to bring in furnishings that have served their purpose and are ready to find a new home. with the money you receive for selling it on consignment, you are free to look for something distinctive that reflects your current passions and lifestyle. so, instead of an expense, it can become more of an exchange. i truly believe there are ways to live beautifully and sustainably. sourcing gently loved, gently priced home goods from the dwelling station helps make that possible.

we believe:

  • small changes can make a big difference
  • you don’t need to spend a lot of money
  • you don’t need to go buy a truckload of new furniture or pay retail for anything
  • you don’t have to settle for living in outdated, disorganized, uninspired space
  • you don’t need to wait to start loving your space