reinvent your space

native photoredesign services by christina lafever, licensed practitioner of interior alignment, include:

  • clutter clearing
  • organizing your stuff
  • space rebalancing and feng shui
  • transform your space with what you have
  • upcycling / repurposing pieces for a fresh look
  • consign your furnishings for extra cash
  • source cool home decor at down home prices

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 4.28.57 PMInterior Alignment® practitioners work closely with their clients to help them understand how their inner world is reflected in their outer world and then give them tools to empower their dwellings and their lives. At the core of consultations is the belief that each person – in their essence – instinctively knows what is best for their environment and their life.


real estate office transformation





as expressed by the client, one of the country’s top realtors  ~ “my overhead is 30K a month, and I have 2 full time employees to pay. Yet the market and sales are down. I was looking for a competitive advantage and a way to enhance and uplift the work environment. The redesign of our office through clutter clearing, strategic furniture placement, effective organizing systems, proper lighting, creating more space for the three of us to work together and balancing the room with feng shui applications has made a huge impact. We are more at ease as the office feels larger and more harmonious. It is very welcoming for clients. Our productivity has increased from the improved organization systems. Our attitude is more positive. And we’ve experienced an increase in listings and a 20% increase in sales. I am a results driven person. This was a very worthwhile and affordable investment”. ~ Patti Mullen, Remericas #1 selling agent